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from Richard Lacroix

Richard Lacroix was born in Montreal on July 14th 1939. He graduated in 1959 from the Institute of Graphic Arts, where he studied the different printmaking techniques with Albert Dumouchel, painter, printmaker and renowned teacher. Lacroix also studied at the Montreal School of Fine Arts before becoming himself a professor of printmaking in 1960. From 1961 to 1963, he trained in several printmaking shops in Europe, notably at Stanley William Hayter’s well renowned Atelier 17 in Paris.

Mr Lacroix founded the first printmaking studio of its kind in Canada, l'Atelier Libre de Recherches Graphiques, in 1963. He was also co-founder of Fusion des Arts, a group whose main objective was to establish a new relationship between the arts and the public. This idea led him to found La Guilde Graphique which publishes, distributes and exhibits the work of contemporary artists. In 1969, decisive encounter was made with Zen master Rosh Taisen Deshimaru, who taught him the practice of Zen and the Spirit of gesture in martial arts and calligraphy.

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