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from Michel Dupont

Michel Dupont was born in Montreal in 1950. He is a painter, sculptor and engraver. Printmaking was the starting point for this self-taugh artist. « Although I had not been through Fine Arts school, I worked in many workshops in Europe. Among them the Bernard Remusat’s in southern France, where I met Henri Baviera, an artist from Saint-Paul de Vence. His aesthetic approach, giving a preponderent place to graphic iconography, stimulated me very much. »

« For my original pieces, I created a special technique somewhere between painting and printing. Working the support is an entrance to my creating process . In fact, it’s the support that matters. My support consist of a very sturdy rag paper that I sculpt  in the first stage of its making, when it is still damp. In a few minutes improvisation, I establish by means of lines and forms the  basic composition of a piece. Then, I add colours. I don’t follow any theorical process. I find pleasure in creating signs on paper; signs that make the surface unique and more dynamic. Above everything else, my exploration is aesthetic. After a day’s work, I keep only one out of ten pieces : the others are destroyed. »

* Extract  from the article «Michel Dupont», by Robert Bernier, Revue Parcours, vol. 11, nº2

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